J. Greter Art-center presented a new exhibition «The Other Season or Fairy-tale»


Before the New Year J. Greter Art-center pleased the visitors with bright and livingpainting which main heroes are fairy-tale characters, landscapes and myths.  


The director of J.Greter Art-center , Leonora Yanko and modest artists gave a welcome speech to the visitors, during which they unanimously admitted that “paintings speak for themselves. Enjoy them!”. And  so they are. 

The artists’ emotional and lyrical vision of reality and love to color are the links that bound them. Anastasia renders on her canvases the perception of nature and, of course, the peculiar incomparable state of being in harmony, the elusive soul reflection in it. Every canvas makes you to draw attention to it, because the main emphasis is made on colors. “The colorless things are sad”, explains Anastasia. 



Anastasia Grigoryeva’s paintings, in their turn, render another mystery. The sense of “The other season” is covered through the prism of fairy-tale and mythological images. The artist’s canvases are the fairy-tales themselves, where mysterious heroes live, where every detail has its own weight.   



 «Virtually,we all are connected with fairy-tales. This theme is in something more powerful than our mind and can emerge in any moment», says Anastasia Grigoryeva.

The mood of Art and Beauty was prevailing during the opening night – the visitors delighted in listening to the violin playing and that created another atmosphere for them to perceive the canvases.


The exhibition is open till  February,23, 2014.

All the works are available for buying.