The incredible discovery project "Neo calligraphy"!


On the 25-th of November at the art center of Jacob Grether first introduced a unique project of japanese calligraphy and conceptual installations by Ukrainian Rairyu Project, which is dedicated to the Year of Japan in Ukraine.


Each floor creative space if J. Grether charming Japanese inspired atmosphere, unusual sound hang of Anatoliy Hernadenko, warm tea ceremony, which transferred to the views guests in amazing Japan.
Guests on the first floor saw design - Character of year, which was presented to 21 jobs in the author's style «Neo-Calligraphy», in which the artist combines fundamental and canons of Japanese tradition with original feeding more typical of contemporary art, making the ancient art of calligraphy artistic and bright.
The next floor impressed the audience Kotodama series, which means «belief in the power of speech».The guests saw the 20 most positive words that bring good luck. Every Japanese has them in his house, praying to God and believe that these words will bring him and his family great success. Also all saw incredibly energetically charged Daruma dolls – «belief in the power of desire».They bring its owner good luck in the goals, which it wants to achieve. On the third floor exhibition space was presented unusual installation «Tron» and «Temple», where everyone also had the opportunity to make a wish by hitting a bell.
At the end of the presentation the guests saw an exclusive master class from Rairyu, who impressed everyone with his expression.
Then they waited tasty treats and positive Japanese delicacies, DJ set by Oleksiy Brynzak. A special mood created our partners - favorite guilty Grande Vallee.
Special thanks to express Irisha Blokhina, who believed and supported this project at a very high level. The opening was attended by many famous and influential people, who were delighted with the extraordinary what they saw.
We invite everyone to know the multifaceted Japan in our art space till 22 January 2017.
All works are available for purchase. 
Address: metro “Shuliavska”, 6 Vadyma Hetmana str.
SEC “Cosmopolit”, Block A, 4-6 floor.
Opening hours: daily from 11:00 to 21:00
If you have any questions, please cal.: 200-07-60