Neo calligraphy

25.11.2016 - 29.01.2017

The exhibition "NEO-CALLIGRAPHY" by RAIRYU at the  Art Centre of J. Grether - without a doubt, the main art event of the year in Ukraine. Confined to Japan, the Ukraine, the event will leave an imprint in the hearts of all its guests.

"Tiger. Force" (2003)

The exhibition "NEO-CALLIGRAPHY" by RAIRYU will feature 65 works of authorship, including the painting "The character, the traditions of Japan" and 3 meter installation. Pictures RAIRYU have powerful positive emotions. They draw themselves choose their owners to give them what is lacking - good luck, happiness, success, health, strength, love and so on.

"Symbol of good luck and wealth" (2000)

Hieroglyphics writtenby  RAIRYU, have a deep sense of Buddhist philosophy. The colors chosen are not random - they correspond to the five elements, each of which makes your links and charge. The character in the shell color elements - a spohlyadalnytska journey that leads to harmony with oneself and the world.

"Love" (2005)

"Luck in the new case" (2009)

If you are fond of "hangouts", we have to disappoint you. Opening of the exhibition "NEO-CALLIGRAPHY by RAIRYU" not like ordinary banal party. This is a unique experience - the show, which is based on the five senses - an art that reaches the core, and changes lives. RAIRYU deliver Explorer, with which you will pass on 3-rd floor, feeling the full force of neo-art calligraphy at the end - the artist will show exclusive show.

"Regeneration" (2008)

On three floors will feature works:

- "Kotodama" that bring good luck

              - sculpture "Daruma" that help achieve the goal

installition   "Temple and Throne" as symbol of power

In the summer of 2016 with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine RAIRYU first showed his work Kyiv. Exhibition "Hieroglyphics YEAR. JAPANESE TRADITION" was a huge success. Now, the author returned to his native Kyiv to open the Year of Japan in Ukraine his personal art project.

"Life" (2006)

Information about RAIRYU: In 2003, after meeting with calligrapher Ryuseki Morimoto started studying Japanese calligraphy, participant of the exhibition "Modern Japanese calligraphy" (Kyiv, 2005), the organizer of the personal exhibition calligrapher Ryuseki Morimoto in Kyiv gallery "Da Vinci" (Kyiv, 2006 ) participant charity exhibition, organized by the magazine «Gallery», was among the 33 best artists of Ukraine; medalist professional exhibition of calligraphy "Maynych" (Japan's 2010.2011.) member art show Japan Mania (Kyiv, 2015).

Dress code: all black

At 7:30 p.m. start an online broadcast for Periscope in Ukraine, Europe and Japan (Account: RairyuProject)

25.11.16 - 22.01.17

All works are available for purshase!